Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Plus Ca Change

Tim Abbott quotes:
If(sic) soon however appeared that part of this intelligence was false, and the rest greatly magnified.
About the Revolutionary War.
(Ours. Not theirs)
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Monday, June 09, 2008

Where We Stand?

When G W Bush assumed the position...
He tipped us 600 bucks.

We cheered until we got sandbagged.
Tax cuts for the rich.
War on people whose land contains oil.
Welcome to authoritarianism!

"Doesn't that burning constitution
Give a warming glow to my backside?
Kissme!" he postured
as his poll numbers drooped.

He killed thousands of us.
And hundreds of thousands of them.
His pals took a balloon ride,
or three, or more, on us.

He put us in hock for 4 Trillion.

As he prepares to pass the baton
(to one that's
just more of the same)

He tips us $600 again.

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