Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shaun Limns the Other Horn

Upper Left: They've warned us…
... and he flourishes forth the other horn of the dilemma as he lists the first ten points of the Tea Party Agenda which the GOP will gladly pursue. Read it and reap that any one could be so blind.
Then read Goldy's piece on dog poop bags to get the reason.

The problem is that in a real world we only consider half the possible solutions to our problems. We need more parties. We need them now.

My Side Does Misdirection, Too

Steve Bennen:
Asked about his message to struggling families, the V.P. added, "My message is, keep the faith. We are moving in the right direction. We are not going to let you go without food or basic services. That will not happen in this country, in our administration. And secondly, we're creating new jobs that are going to be the kind you can raise your family on."
Maybe I've missed it, but the line about the "Bush Recession" struck me as new. Biden said it casually, as if it were common, but it's generally been a phrase Democrats have avoided.
Indeed it is "Bush's Recession" and a main goal of the plutocrats' drive to the restoration of Pharoah's regime.
So far an excellent point.
So far as it goes.
But it misdirects from the lie.

What I noticed was Biden's assurance that the administration was "not going to let you go without food or basic services". This is the administration that cut the stimulus down from 900 billion when 1.2 trillion was needed. This is the administration that refused to consider a public option for health care reform. This is the administration that called forth the 'cat food commission' to cut Social Security benefits. This is the administration that watched the elimination of federal aid to state governments to keep the jobs of teachers and other state employees without so much as an "Oh, I say...". This is the administration that agrees with the fiscal deficit hawks and moves budget balance to the fore when unemployment exceeds the official 9.7% rate and all signs point to a coming dive for the economy.
Its as if we did get FDR -- but the 1937 vintage instead of the 1933 model we needed.
Alas there is but one thing the Demoralocrats have going for them though it's a corker: the other choice remains a party convinced that the only real people are those with incomes and assets in excess of a couple of million dollars, and that wage slavery is a humane and enlightened version of property slavery because the slave gets to take care of itself. The party that leads us in a merry dance to the bonfire of the objectionable parts of the constitution: e.g: the first and fifth amendments.
But -- as usual -- I'm just some old fart ranting off left. Mere background noise to the hum of traffic in the greatest country the world has ever seen -- now new and improved with more efficient greed and 110% God approval.