Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tempus Crawls to Flight

Six years today.
394 posts.
19,687 unique visitors who viewed 24,643 pages.
But who's counting?
I know it makes a pretty hefty paper back if printed. Larger than a standard novel, but less than a block buster (in more senses than one). Poke around and see what you find in the tags on the right side bar. Might learn something, or get a laugh. Mostly I endeavor to amuse.

There are still more posts floating around among the dust kitties and pebbles between my ears set dancing as I come down the stair of life, bump, bump, bump. There's the rest of the history of the stove. There's discovery of bread making to share. There's the explication of gorp I promised Roy. Perhaps I'll get them typed up just as soon as ...

Thank you for stopping by.
Thank you for the use of the hall.

Most of all:
Thank you.