Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Slightly Holidazed*

* Stolen from Bun Rab the boy drummer as inimitably limned by W. Kelly of the soft brown eyes.


Froma Harup via DemFromCT at Daily Kos notes:
Many have bemoaned the near-extinction of the political species known as the moderate Republican.
Closer observation suggests that this subset thrives now as Democrats.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Choice

U. Utah Phillips related one iteration of the situation:

After half a dozen attempts at providing such health care as we are able to give evenly throughout the community, our most recent attempt began feebly and was negotiated sillier and sillier. The sausage machine is not done with it yet. The final bill -- the one that gets signed into law -- if it is passed will be different. Not much better most likely. Hopefully not too much worse.
Some will call it inadequate. Some will call it the best we can do to start now.  And that's just the ones who want a bill.
The samurai in the kabuki will stamp their feet on the most resonant part of the stage they can find. The choice before us will be viewed with alarm. Called: Very grave.
The signing, if it happens, will be lauded as a major historic achievement.
In every possible outcome, people will continue to die prematurely because someone whose life was not threatened demanded cash to serve. The difference is how many die. The difference is how many bankruptcies. The difference is how many divorces, how many abandonments. The difference is how much avoidable pain we accept.
The choice is truly simple. Pass this bill and -- without remit -- work to make it better. Or kill the bill and watch another generation pass before congress critturs muster enough intestinal fortitude to make another try.
Let's eat our shit sandwich now and then roll up our sleeves to replace the cooks.