Friday, June 17, 2005

Fiddley Stuff

Registration is no longer required to comment on this site. The daughter of the house complained about the form.

The Mother-in-Law complained about the tiny type size, complementing the Good Friend who asked if the gigantic type was a bug or a feature. This neatly illustrates the core design problem: you can't please everybody. Particularly you can't please everybody when every browser treats the html slightly differently. At +2 my type is equivalent to standard newspaper format. Theoretically. Those who find it the wrong size on their browser may adjust it with the text sizing option in the view menu. In Firefox [control]+ or [control]- will do the job. Repeat if necessary.
If you find yourself doing this for every thing you look at on the web, try adjusting the text size in your preferences section. In Firefox the fonts section of the general preferences menu lets you set a minimum font size. Hope this helps.

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