Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Virtual Age Passes

Though named for a poetic rhythm, my Dactyl is usually a prosaic beast who, like the Phoenix, reincarnates once an age. Once a virtual age that is. Her last incarnation as a 32 bit linux box with a K6II processor began in 1998. She was a svelte revelation compared to her former i386 16 bit age. Of late her decline has become more and more apparent. So I hoarded the quarters from not mowing the neighbor's lawn (he is of the opinion I do a lousy job -- he is correct, but I am also an inveterate do-gooder -- and so he pays me to stay away) until, bit by precious bit I won the new Dactyl's myencephalic parts by canny trades at eBay in which I invariably played the dupe. That is a part I have studied for many a year and grown into, even old in.
Then came the excitement of assembly. TA Ra-a-a Ta RA! Thanks to the wisdom of kind strangers at Linux Questions my ignorance at length was vanquished and I limped from the field bloody and bowed.
As you live in your virtual world, not mine, this has no effect on you. Still I take great pride in presenting the newest, Sempron 64 bit 2800 CPU incarnation of my faithful amanuensis: Dactyl.

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