Friday, September 08, 2006

Bagged by a Meme Tag

On my daily noontime browse through blogtopia I reached the oasis of wit, style, and wisdom that is archy and settled to read a meme post. Read. Chuckle. Read. Mammoth. Yeah! Snark. Read. Chuckle. Uhuh. OMIGOD He tagged me! My first. As a lowly multicelled microorganism critter I boggle.

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Why do you blog?
There are two or three books I mean to write just as soon as ... Every someday writer will recognize and shudder at the last phrase. Two years ago, as a Christmas gift I took a typescript for a children's novel written by my wife's grandfather and turned it into an actual book -- designed, printed, and bound for family and friends. How disappointing that the copyright office does not consider this publishing! What was neat about it was watching Larry's great-grands connect to him who before had only been a vague figure in family stories. Armed with new resolve I clung to the idea of blogging as a means of overcoming inertia.

How long have you been blogging?
Since April of 2005. Greatly regret that I started late so I missed the altogether appropriate Fool's Day blogiversary. Fortunately I had the manners to wait a week after Shakespeare's anniversary.

Self Portrait?
Always hard for me. I just don't seem to fit in -- ever. I mean to. I try to. But I don't. As a friend described it: "I spend half my life trying to keep the toads from hopping out of my mouth, and the other half chasing after the ones that got away." I call myself itinerant because I have lived in various places over half the globe. Yet I have lived in Skagit County for more than half my life. My career is a hotchpotch ranging from government bureaucrat to trade show coordinator to impresario to nail maker all very loosely strewn about the theatre.
This causes confusion. I can say "I am a programmer" because I occupied a job with that title. But do not ask me which assembly languages I know as I am talking about booking participants at a Folklife Festival -- not writing code. So it goes. Like Porky Pine's Uncle Baldwin (See Pogo) I appear menacing and cantankerous so long as I keep my overcoat tight buttoned. Without it I am a squishy naif. Perhaps the sharpest limn is this: I am an old western fart.

Why do readers read your blog?
Hmm... Hard to say. I am delighted that between 25 and 30% of my readers come from anywhere in the globe but the US.
I am bumfuzzled by the variety of search phrases that include Dum Luks' fairly high in the results. So as the site is eclectic, so is its readership.

What was the last search phrase someone used to get to your site?
"aioli sauce recipe made with mayonnaise" resulted in Dum Luks at number 22 on Google with a discussion of Kitchn Sink potato salad.
Just before that "absurd fashionable belongings" brought a Russian visitor to Yahoo's #9 listing of "Absurd Decisions."

Which of your entries unjustly gets too little attention?
The Politician's Tale which tells a story by and about NW Rep Warren Magnuson I heard from then Rep Al Swift.
Also a recent post which seems to have disappeared in the Pre Labor Day Glaze Over about Absurd Decisions. Both of these contain thoughts worth a moment's attention as we enter the final stretch of this election cycle.

Your current favorite blog?
There are about twenty blogs organized in bookmarks such as 'AM', 'Noon' etc which I read daily. These range from biggies like Atrios, Daily Kos and WWDN in Exile, through hard corpse Economics like Brad De Long, Max Sawicky and Michael Perelman, to biggies in deserving if not in numbers like archy and Alicublog. Of these, favorite is the one I'm reading at the moment.

What blog did you read most recently?

Which feeds do you subscribe to?
The cats like friskies but I stay away from the stuff. Too many carbs.

What four blogs are you tagging with this meme and why?

Richard at the Peking Duck for his news of the orient.
Will at Imagethief for his fine tales of the PR game Peking style.
Syllabub for her evocative prose approach to recipes.
For design excellence, humor, tutorials and just about everything I wish I could do at least half so well: Mediatinker.

That's almost enough trouble caused for one day.

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