Thursday, November 02, 2006


Actually amazingly swift.
Once I figured out how to put the little scripts into the sidebar things smoothed out until the site almost looks normal (to me).
Despite my murpfhing of yesterday, this is an all around improvement today.
Principal gain is the ability to label, or categorize, posts. The reader has a more direct route to items of particular interest. I have a way to organize my scatter shot into the main venues I want to build here. See the sidebar about a third of the way down.

Feast of Holidays is a collection of recipes and table talk connected by the annual round of festal occasions. When completed the initial post for this would be "Time is just no thing." It is a quick way to find the directions for Seattle Brown Out Turkey.

Dum Luk's Ordinary is a second table talk/recipe book focusing on the rest of the year, the ordinary.

Supposedly this blog started as an exploration of design. Now those posts are collectible.

Dum Luk's Stockpot is just what you'd expect, the oddments that didn't go elsewhere tossed into a big pot to simmer and meld. A slice of life picture of my thought (hah!) process?

More may occur to me. Comments are always welcome.
Blogger beta,

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