Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Quarter for a Truism

Walker at Maxspeak:
Economists are trained to type in the assumptions that will maximize the career-utility of their results.

Too bad inflation has rendered the reward so small compared to the merit of the thought!

Update 5/13/7-- It at last penetrates the thick carapace in which I preserve the odd goo I call a brain from sulliment by coarse, unreasoning reality: The above might be construed as a cretin's sneer at his betters, i.e.: Economists. The furry little scene inside the camera obsura of my imagination -- more obscure than camera -- was quite other. The thought was that we are all so limited to what pays in our assumptions that it is little wonder actual new paradigms are so singularly thin on the ground. Most people have the well commended opinion that only fools re-invent the wheel. That in the face of what a clumsy contraption we make our contrivance.
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