Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mint Sauce

The garden's mint is taking over the neighboring town. They do not approve. Horror movies -- The Mint That Ate Burlington -- are for silver screens, not life in Pleasantville. So I pulled a dozen stalks up by their rhizomes. From this I plucked a cup and a half (or so) of prime leaves, washed them and chopped them fine.

In a suitable pot I set a quart of mild rice vinegar to heat. When it was just smiling -- 1900f. or so -- I added 2 cups of sugar and stirred. The resident taste tester rejected that mix, so I added a third cup to the brew. This was approved.

When the sugar was completely dissolved I added the mint leaves and let them steep. After twenty minutes or so it was ready to bottle. I used a couple of 750ml Malt bottles with nice cork tops. These live in the refrigerator, though there is so much acid they probably don't need to, to await the next dish of lamb the cook sallies forth.

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