Sunday, September 09, 2007

Biology Lab by the Dozens

Scene: A bucolic college in Ohio, one of three thousand seven hundred and forty eight "Harvard's of the west" ...
Time: The peak of the Kennedy Years, before Johnson passed all his legislation.

In a small Science lab/lecture hall very late in June or early in July when humidity has exceeded temperature to the nth degree, a smattering of ca-twenty-year-olds forgather. They are attired in sandals of all descriptions, shorts and tees, Indian cotton, and the studiously off hand serape.
It is their first lab for Bio 101, i.e.: The real world for naiv imbeciles.
Seated on the black stone counter is a buxom daughter of a successful Valkyrie. Six foot in an age of five foot seven. Blond ropes in braids any lynch mob would die for (so to speak) on her head. In khaki shorts, and a light Norwegian sweater, She sits cross legged.
After the routines of pedagogy are complied with she begins the lab. Her clear eyes, that shame the welkin's hue, lose focus in the mists of last night. She heaves a great, welcome, sigh. Her lips part into a wide display of even, white, seraphic dentition, and announces:
Sex is wonderful.

The truth of this overwhelms me.
Even now.
Blessings upon her.
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