Monday, May 19, 2008

The Old Guard Changeth

After 30 some years my old reliable Sabatier carbon steel Chef's knife is retiring to an honored position as kitsch hanging on my kitchen wall. There it is between the two new arrivals: another 10" chef knife and a 6" utility knife.
Maybe this time I will remember to hone the blades on the steel before use so I can avoid hollowing the edge on the stone. I also know to use a cleaver to smash garlic cloves rather than the chef knife, so the handle may stay intact.

Earle used to say:
Too soon old.
Too late smart.
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  1. Make sure that knife is firmly secured to the wall. It's not good when sharp things fall off the wall.
    - The Precision Blogger

  2. Indeed not. So the wall in choice is behind the stove offering lots of places for the knife to lodge far awy from feet etc.
    But the plan is on indefinite hold as Diana insists on using the old knife rather than risk harming my new toys. Harumph.