Sunday, May 09, 2010

From the Dept of Empty Gestures

I've had it with Facebook. Can't quit, but can 'deactivate' so I did that. No offense offered to anybody else, so please don't take any.
As Marquis wrote:
dear boss
everyman s hand is turned against a cockroach
and occasionally his foot.

sometimes i sit alone and think
there is nothing lower than an ugly little kink
like me like me like me
last night i cried
i decided a suicide
i d be i d be i d be
so i climbed to the sixth floor window
and out of that window
my little carcase i hurled
but i wasn t dashed to the pavement dead
i floated up to the eighth floor instead
i ask you boss
how insignificant
can a fella get
With the realization that this gesture is even more futile then that of the bardic cockroach, I remain:
UPDATE: Googleads, ever solicitous, greets the publication of this post with four (4!) ads offering to improve self-esteem!

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