Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Real News is in the Asahi

Supermodel: Save water, pee in shower

SAO PAULO--Environmental conservation advice from the world's richest supermodel? Apparently so, and some you really would never expect.
In the name of saving water, German-Brazilian Gisele Bundchen recommends that everyone urinate in the shower.
Bundchen, 29, says in her blog that everyone should do their share in protecting the environment in daily life. Her suggestions include not pouring used cooking oil down the drain and ways to minimize paper waste.
And then there's that urination in the shower thing. She says that for every 19 people who take her advice instead of flushing a toilet, about 83,220 liters of water can be saved every year.
Bundchen, whose riches include a property valued at 16.5 billion yen ($180.44 million), has been actively engaged in environmental causes.
What a way to start Sunday: Good coffee and fresh news from the world through Japanese eyes.
Besides this, today offers a glimpse of manga adopting traditional Kabuki and Noh drama themes. Funny how we move from new to tradition to old hat to irrelevant to new... 
Happy Sunday -- its Strawberry jam season here at Dum Luk's.

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  1. Well, actually São Paulo is the first place I ran into neat waste paper baskets in ALL bathrooms I used where you were supposed to deposit your toilet paper. There were signs in the airport bathrooms to that effect, as well as in a couple of other public places. In private homes it was just assumed that's what you do, it seemed.

    Cuts down on the amount of gunk that has to be cleaned out in sewage treatment for sure. Another example of Brazilian environmental thinking?