Sunday, January 29, 2006

How to Wrap

From the Guardian's Observer Magazine:
At Evian the way they've structured the flutes and the way they've webbed the outside of the bottle means the consumer can easily compress it. It's good branding, too,' he says. 'They've reduced the materials by redesigning the flute, but managed to give it an iceberg shape which conveys the meaning. Every aspect performs a function, giving strength and rigidity to the bottle, and you can crush it at the end of its life. I'd class that as brilliant eco design.'
An interesting article which nicely illustrates the play of conflicting goals in design.
The purveyors want things bright, cheerful and tidy. The buyers go along until confronted with the import of their choices. Those who must deal with that impact despair. Only the shortest of short term goals are met in most cases because 'we can't afford frills.'
What might a culture that valued simplicity and biodegradable packaging offer? How about this from How To Wrap Five Eggs by Hideyuki Oka, Bijutsu Shuppan-sha 1965. (English edition Harper & Row 1967)

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