Sunday, January 15, 2006

Old Friends

An e-mail arrives from the son of my college Drama professor. We were in Japan at the same time as well. Old friends.

In it Tony describes a scene in Dal's back yard in which the three of us are heading out to a shed behind Dal's house when an actor staying with them appears on the porch above the kitchen and either declaims a bit of Ulysses or otherwise engages us in actor play.

Old Tony, now a Theatre Director like his Dad, remembers that young Tony finds this experience numinous. He was in high school at the time and claims that this scene unlocked the possibilities of books for him.

I do not remember this event. But I do remember going to Dal's house to get props, or tents, or what-have-you, stored in the shed on many occaisions. So I can construct the scene as a stage set:

One figure is missing: Tasha, Tony's collie mix mutt.

I am still left to ponder the human dilemema that a happenstance of no memorable dimension to one can be a magnificent portal to another.

-- ml

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