Sunday, April 30, 2006

Pizza Whatever

Been working on a grain-free pizza. Last night I did this:

Oven to 3500 f.

Saute half an onion in olive oil or lard. Add garlic, sliced mushrooms, peppers, whatever. Add herbs and spices you like in a red sauce and a small can of tomato paste. Add a bit of liquid if needed, or use tomato sauce if you prefer.

In a bowl knead a pound of hamburger with a half cup almond (or other nut) meal, an egg, celery seed, cayenne, black pepper, etc. Press over oiled pie plate, or casserole, to form a crust. Fill with sauce. Add diced or grated mozzarella and/or other cheeses. Add sliced tomatoes or whatever. Bake on a tray for forty minutes or until the sauce is bubbly under the browned cheese.

Serves four for dinner or one teen for a snack.


Variation: Do a white clam sauce, instead. That would be sauteed onion, garlic, clams, cream, celery seed, cayenne tarragon and gated parmesan, asiago, and so forth. whatever.


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