Friday, April 21, 2006

Worty Dirds

Eschaton complains at the unfairness of it all. Uncivil is mere naughty words rather than words that incite hateful actions.

Wondering through the dictionary reveals a lengthy pedigree to this attitude that bothers Atrios. Most of the naughty words of the English Language just happen to be derived from Saxon originals. The Saxons, through dull plodding, took most of the island of Britain from the more quicksilver Celts. This gave rise to the unicorn and lion symbols for England. Until 1066 four letter Anglo-Saxon was, not just accepted, but demanded.

Then came Bill Conq and his Norman pirates to do a major land grab. They rather looked down on the Saxons. They frowned on those succint, emphatic, four letter words. So the more delicate petomane describes the yeoman's fart. The sophisticate says merde vice shit.

Then came the Protestant Reformation and the counter reformation. As proof of their moral superiority both looked down upon all such honest expressions of feelings. They resisted the reality of anger, hurt, surprise and laughter to honor suppression and sublimation. To this day American culture suffers from this hypocrisy. And uses it for political advantage.

Natural feelings have pushed back of course. Scatology is the native language of teen agers to name only one repressed group.

George Gobel's trademark spoonerism provides the title for this post. Gobel was only one of many to stand up for honest speech in the 1950's. See: BBC - Comedy Guide - The George Gobel Show.

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  1. This Nicholas was risen for to pisse,
    And thoughte he wolde amenden al the jape.
    He sholde kisse his ers er that he scape;
    And up the wyndowe dide he hastily,
    And out his ers he putteth pryvely
    Over the buttok, to the haunche-bon.
    And therwith spak this clerk, this Absolon,
    "Spek, sweete bryd, I noot nat where thou art."
    This Nicholas anon leet fle a fart,
    As greet as it had been a thonder dentght"

    Etc. Etc.