Friday, January 12, 2007

1449 Where are You?

First John Mckay (archy) says.
Now John Scalsi says.
So it must be so.
This is De-lurkers Week.
(and it is almost gone)
De-lurkers week is, according to Scalzi:
blog lurkers everywhere are encouraged to delurk and say hello. I think this is a fine idea because I have to admit I wonder about the lurkers here. Whatever gets between 20k and 25k unique visitors on a daily basis, but the commenters are basically the same 100 or so people. While I'm very pleased to have those 100 folks comment -- they seem to be mostly smart and engaging folks -- I think it would be fun for those people who read but don't usually comment to say hello.
Archy adds:
So tell me how long you've been reading my blog, or your favorite book, or the first word that pops into your mind when you hear the word shish-kabob, and remember, if you don't leave a comment, you're letting the terrorists win.
And I say: how grateful and fascinated I am by all the lurkers out there!
About 30% of you come from the "Rest of the World"(tm) which is beyond North America. I am embarrassingly delighted to meet you!
I make no money from this blog and am unlikely to. My first impulse, after loading the site meter, is to go to the location metric rather than the entry metric.
One curiosity is the lurker with the reticent cpu. It does not reveal it's server, or it's OS or it's place. One such titles this post. He/she/they/it lurk a few miles northwest of Witchita Kansas and discovered Dum Luks not too long ago. Whoever is a frequent visitor who thorefore peaks my curiosity. I have no desire to "out" you, embarrass you or discomfort you. But I wonder.
The entry pages and search words that bring lurkers here also fascinates. There seems to be a seesaw between Cow Poke Beans and Ham Boiled in Beer.

But my point in writing is to entertain AND to communicate.

Responses refine.
They may be the refiner's acid.
They may be the flatterer's sugar.
But they are the very breath itself to every artist!
So, please, hop on the carousel!
All is madness and discord without your harmony: Sing!
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  1. Not lurking, dear Martin, but coming to you from a site other than usual tonight. Not the fair Hills of Wellesley where sits the server, but the shores of Buzzard's Bay at my grandmother's by Cape Cod.

  2. Greenman Tin
    You have commented before, so you don't qualify as a lurker. But thanks for taking a turn anyway.

    All the very very best to your Gran on her day!

    -- ml