Sunday, July 08, 2007

Giving the Raspberry to Salmon

The Kidtm said: "Ooohhh! Look!" and presented a side of wild king salmon. Into the cart it went.
This time I tried a new method. Lay the fillet skin side down on a large sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil. Dot with butter.
Cover closely with fresh mint leaves. Top that with a half pint of raspberries and a quarter of a cup of cream. Slice up a lemon or two for the only trickle down that works on the topmost layer. Fold the foil around the fish crimping the edges to seal and place over a charcoal fire to poach about 20 minutes.
No reason you couldn't do it in the oven, or in a fish poacher.

We served it with homemade French fries using my favorite red potatoes, though the Kidtm prefers Yukon golds. She made a sautè of mixed summer squash and a bouquet garni from the herb patch. She left out the shallots which would have improved a good dish. Then she made her famous tartar sauce which is a base of yogurt and sour cream with a healthy dab of mayonnaise and Dill relish -- a local product from a neighborhood farm stand. Seasonings include dill, garlic, cayenne, celery seed, what ever seems worth trying.
McGear who is a gallant trencherman as well as a chef of repute, brought a modified version of a Rio Star Grapefruit Pie from a recipe he found at the Texas Citrus Exchange site. (Scroll down). This is grapefuit in strawberry jello in a short pie shell topped with whipped cream. Very easy to eat!
We finished the evening playing one of the funniest rounds of Uno I have ever experienced.
Enjoy the local fruits of your season!
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