Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lemons & Visitors

So the summer's visitors -- both small and big people -- have come and gone. The swelter the week before led The Kidtm and I to purchase an abundance of lemons for to make lemonade and add to iced tea and fish and water and just 'cause. Then the typhoon bowled in with the guests bob-a-rag tagging along. Cold and wet -- not really lemon weather. So some are left.
To make lemonade:
Grate the zest from one, or more, lemons. Squeeze the juice from three, or more, lemons into a measuring glass. Pour into a sauce pan and heat. Add the same quantity of sugar -- or, to suit the lemons or your taste, more or less. When the sugar has dissolved add the grated peel (of course to taste).
Here is a fork:
If you are making a pitcher of lemonade: add as much water as lemon juice and pour the result into a suitable pitcher filled with ice. Kid test the result and adjust accordingly.
Bottle the syrup for cooling and refrigeration. Make the lemonade by the glass. Dilute with a soda siphon. Add a shot of vodka or Gin for the big people. The Kidtm likes flavored vodkas and has tried several with reported mixed results. Some are good. Others not so much. Your taste will be your guide.
But there are those three lemons left in the picture. Ah!
Lemon Cake Pudding
Set oven to 3500f. and butter a 2 quart casserole.
Mix a cup of sugar, a half cup of flour, with a half teaspoon of baking powder. Separate 3 eggs and beat the whites stiff. Beat in, a spoonful at a time, a half cup of sugar. Reserve. Without cleaning, use the same beaters to beat the yolks light. Add the grated peel of a lemon, a half cup of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of melted salted butter, and a cup and a half of cream or milk. Stir into the flour mixture and beat until smooth. Now fold in the egg whites thoroughly. Pour into casserole and bake for 45 minutes in a pan filled with a half inch of water. Now the hard part. Chill at least one hour.
--This is a family favorite of Diana's but a milder version appears in Fannie Farmer's tenth edition as "Baked Lemon Pudding".
Chemistry works the magic of floating a cake on top of a pudding out of the unified batter you put in the oven. People make the magic of disappearing it almost at once.
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