Sunday, January 27, 2008


A friend once challenged me:
"If you can't afford broad cast, do narrow cast!"

Television is broadcast. One source presents itself to many.
What is Narrowcast?
My friend meant one talks with a selected few, i.e.: use direct mail which would avoid the waste of TV ads,
Now he might mean social networks, or You Tube, or podcasts, or blogs.

At which point Narrowcast becomes: "Many talking to a self selected number between few and many" with a chance that those many might talk back.
So the problem is now: get the message to those who want to hear and give them a means to respond. And let everyone listen in.
Many talk with many.
This I like.
updated in a vain attempt to improve the quality of thought. 2/29/08
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  1. I forget who said this, but it's relevant to your desire to understand narrowcasting. Many bloggers are famous for fifteen people.
    -- toby robison

  2. Thanks for that Toby! But, just to clarify my pea brain, did you mean "to fifteen people" and your magic fingers plucked out "for fifteen people"?
    On re-reading my post I see my magic fingers did me a little bit of dirt. Narrowcast is "one talks to a selected few" i.e.: a mailing list.