Friday, February 01, 2008

Coming February 7...

To a calendar near you!--ml
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  1. And Xin nian yu kuai to you too! (Or at least I'm told that's the Mandarin)

    Just wanted to say that my neighbor took her Vancouverite parents to LaConner for a couple of days two weeks ago and was once again charmed by the place. Great bird watching too, she said.



  2. A fiendish AAABBA meme leads me to thee!

    Oh, dinner at Dum Luk's, a feast of delights,
    You'll flip for his fruitcake, in single serve bites,
    Which I can attest, for Dum Luk's overnights.
    His way with a wok is a wonder to watch,
    His marmalade laces with single malt scotch,
    You're bound to find something you like when he writes!

    If amused, and the muse takes you, more on this meme here:

  3. 'round my way, every year is the year of the rat. Yet I find this one especially propitious. Well, let's hope. Beat the alternative.