Sunday, July 30, 2006

Post Jam

On this, the fourth attempt, I have at last written and uploaded and published the previous three posts centering on the Bed of Procrustes. The first three times I tried to make one long post. But the machine kept crashing for its or my reasons.
After a mobo transplant I am finally able to post my feeble effort to underscore that myths are important to understand our lives.
It may well be that the Bed of Procrustes has little relevance to your life. Be assured another myth will. Also you may not take the same meaning from the myth that I do. That too is fine.
But of what value is the unreflected life? Myths can be tools to find those reflections.

-- ml
nb, 2/18/2007: This is the final addendum to a three part series nominated for the 2006 Koufax best Series. To read the fine work of other nominees click here.
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