Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Rain Gods Laugh

Some part of my computer began failing intermittently about a month ago. On Sunday it turned in its notice -- without signing its name -- so that I was left as ignorant as before.
On Monday It went in to the local shop for a "We'll See" for a mere $59 bucks. Actually sounds reasonable in this inflated age.
But not until well into next week.
So the rest of Monday and today went in to combining two AMD K6II boxes into one that might work given a trip down memory lane with SuSE 9.3.
As of 7:30 PM I can receive mail but not send it. Book marks are not yet installed. Firefox is back to 1 point oh something. Passwords? I wrote them down so I wouldn't have to remember them as Dr Jones memorably said.
I must face up to it:
I cast my swine before pearls.

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