Monday, April 30, 2007

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Saturday, April 28th, 2007 was this blog's second anniversary. The Kidtm was showing off her excellent cooking skills to her boy friend, the MacGears and us. Much hilarity ensued as four twenty somethings and a three year old reenacted the gunfight in Support Your Local Sheriff using bubble pipes, guns, and Rube Goldberg contraptions. Dinner was her set of original variations on Rachel Ray's Korean BBQ flank steak on hot and sour slaw salad (30-minute Get Real Meals, Clarkson Potter Publishers, 2005, pg 71) plus foil roasted potatoes. Mac Gear bought an outrageous pineapple fruit cocktail upside down cake. Perhaps he'll oblige with the recipe at his place. Such frivolity is sufficient excuse to delay this post. Sunday's excuse is that the swamp finally drained enough that I could mow the back 0.040 acres.
Posting nearly doubled, while page views jumped from something like 2400 to 6658. Of the last 100 viewers the US provided 65. Unknown Country (home of the wild 'any key' tree) coyly supplied 9 reticent lurkers. Canada claims 7 to the UK's 6. Australia stumped up 2. One each came from Korea, China, the Czech Republic, Japan, South Africa, Kazakhstan ("Borat again? Tell him I gave at the car wash!"), Norway, New Zealand, the Philipines, Taiwan and Iran.
Maybe 18% come just to see what's new. The remainder landed here as a result of appropriate search words. How to avoid farting when eating beans? or similar wording is the most popular which makes my post about Cowpoke Beans the must often visited.
Techorati has tracked over 50 million blogs and places Dum Luk's 373,737th. That would seem to place me in the top 1% of bloggers. Alas only the top 0.1% make any money at it.
The Truth Laid Bear has raised my status from a multicellular organism to a wiggly worm with a ranking in its more discriminating ambiance of 24,425.
Of the 957 people who have looked at my Numly Copyright notice since I posted it -- in March I think -- 5%, or 41 people, have voted, with half saying thumbs up and half thumbs down. Given the cussedness of our species I think that's a compliment. If I'm wrong, no good purpose will be served by stepping out of your way to tell me so.
The most important point is that, who ever you are, for whatever reason you came, and whether I satisfied you or not, Thank you for giving me the chance to entertain and just possibly add a bit to your store of knowledge.
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