Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Peripheral Encounters of Dubiety

Washblog requested a blogswarm against theocracy this past weekend. A little late to the field I offer this disturbing -- to me -- experience.

At the request of a friend I am looking for audio components to complete her av system. It was a quiet Sunday with Diana and The Kidtm elsewhere engaged, so I thought it a good time to make my orisons at the Fields of Mammon. I arrived at the first big box store on my itinerary to find a veldt of asphalt unsullied with any personal utility vehicles. It was noon which meant that the ritual gatherings of that odd Fish sect were over. But the doors were locked. Printed on the glass were the hours of operation which included opening at 10:00 AM on Sunday. No placard indicated any temporary departure from this schedule.
The next bazaar on the itinerary languished in an auto-less desert. Its gates were barred and its electronic janissaries were fully activated with dire consequences to interlopers foretold. Printed on the glass: "Open Sunday at 10:00 AM". No notice explained the variance.
Yet a third asphalt steppe was bereft of leg atrophying devices. It's portals were steeled against invasion. Printed on its glass: "Open Sunday at 10AM". No sheet of foolscap contradicted the faux gold leaf.
Third time brought the frisson. That the marts were closed did not surprise me too much upon reflection. The Fish followers are numerous in the neighborhood. But we are not talking about a national holiday. Thus this is an unwonted courtesy on the part of Mammon's adherents. For the dominant religion of a culture to defer so to a set of minor cults, more myth than practice, is a splendid example of tolerance. Except ...
Except there was no notice given.
It was assumed that the public would know, without notice, of this grand gesture of public relations.
Farewell the republic.
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