Friday, May 06, 2005

As Promised

Yes, I can be misunderstood in HTML and particularly the Microsoft dialect. Kind Roy inquires if the previous post is super sized as a bug or a feature. My immediate flip reply is that it is another M$ failure to cooperate. But then I borrow my daughter's machine to look at IE. YYec-h-h-h-h! That is nothing like the smooth view offered by my Firefox. That is a hint folks, click the button and download a real browser. [snort]
Off to cram some more HTML. I shamelessly peer behind the veil at archy, Brad DeLong and The Peking Duck. What's this? "size="2" rather than size:""=small;" Could it be? Could it really be? Yes. Well, not quite. But its better! Back to a life of crime. Try "1".
Quod Erat Demonstrandum.
So all of you who suffer IE can now put up your gargantuan scroll wheel mouse. How is it with Safari? Please.



  1. The key to using Word or any Word-like clone and Blogger is to save the file as a text file and then open it with a text -only editor like Notepad or vi.

    All of the Word-type processors will insert unwanted formating codes that Blogger recognizes even for cut-and-paste operations.

    You are safer using relative SIZE parameters like "+1" or "-1" rather than absolutes because people play with their browser settings and there is no way of knowing what the "size=2" font is for any visitor.

    You're getting there.

  2. Many Thanks to Bryan for his help. Have tweaked the site some more and believe it is about as good as I am going to get it this week.

    Maybe if I learned more I would know more? Naww. Couldn't be.

    -- ml