Sunday, May 08, 2005

Bread and Butter Notes

Back on Wednesday, my old friend Roy over at Alicublog gave me a blush inducing puff. Many thanks to him. Please note that I am assuming that the bulge in his cheek is bubblegum and not some adjacent adornment of his mandible.
John over at archy tipped his titfer to me on Friday. John and I share a love of Don Marquis' archy & mehitabel. And George Herriman's drawing.
Mention of this brings to mind one of my favorite Herriman illustrations from "archy does his part" By Don Marquis (Doubleday 1935)
By George Herriman
Thanks, again, guys.
-- ml

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  1. My ex-wife gave me a copy of "The lives and times of archy and mehitabel" -- aside from the awareness that love is not all, the best thing she ever gave me.

    You have a daughter? Jesus Christ.