Wednesday, May 04, 2005

On Elbow Working

Operating with one's elbows is a frustrating game.

It only took about 9 tries to get the preceeding post up in some vaguely readable shape. I wrote it originally in Open Office. When I copied the first quote into the file. It came, apparently, with its own link and managed to turn the file from text to HTML. Then my elbows flew and among other unintended consequences the link cloned itself on a scale worthy of Star Wars and attached itself to just about every other key stroke. This is in a text file, right? So why would anyone look at the code? Not me. Cut and paste into Blogger's post editor (does it have to be so small you don't need any imagination to think you are posting from your cell phone?) and parts turn bold. This is in addition to all the underlining I didn't put there (did I?) That takes a while to penetrate. Mother always said: "No sense, no feeling." Well, hell, this is supposed to be intuitive, right? So, just in the course of things, I selected the text and made it all bold. Then I unbolded it by hitting the bold key again. That's how word processor's do it. Am I right? Well, not Blogger's posting editor. Nothing much had changed -- that is it still wasn't the way I wanted it to look. Finally I eyed the HTML. What is it with all these 'a href' tags? Where did all these 'strong' tags come from? Do I have to stutter 'span' ten times before each paragraph?

Don't know about the rest of the world but the denizens of Dum Luk's experienced the passage of a severe frustration front, yesterday, with all members reporting major annoyance at the intractability of things.

Well, at last it is up. It is denoted part 1 because my intent was to speak of two other books. But one word led to another, as they are wont to do, resulting in upper word limit infractions as stipulated in the Blogger's Unanimous (ha!) Posting Konstraints (BUPKis).

Now for part 2. *Sigh*

-- ml

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  1. Um, the words on my screen are now gigantic and hard to read. Is this a bug or a feature?