Monday, May 16, 2005

Tom Unswift and the OS Dragon: Cutting Edge

It only took a week this time. It should be apparent that in most respects I do not reside very near the cutting edge. As a progarammer once remarked: "that's where the bleeding occurs." But once a year or so I get a misbegotten notion to upgrade to the current newest and bestest SuSE. I have done this since SuSE 5.0 and have learned a thing almost or not quite. B-A-C-K-U-P! And then BACKUP SOME MORE. Still I never quite manage to upgrade cleanly. (This is not a criticism of SuSE. The problems invariably turn out to be my inability to accept that my computer is not a mind reader.) This time I choked on passwords. Being an unconnected single user at home I abominate the things as needless keystrokes between me and what I want to do. When you use an OS meant for a business environment they, quite understandably, have a different view. They are right and I am wrong. Wanna make somethin' of it?

Any way, This blog is already in danger of shifting its focus to plain and simple luddism with a large admixture of meshuganah klutz, so suffice it to say that tehnical difficulties have been resolved and the human is mending while the machine sits there emiting a soulful bleep at odd intervals. Not, so to speak, in triumph. Not exactly.

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